Sunday, 26 October 2014

26th October 2014 - Crooning and Chronoclasm

Thought for the day: "The sooner you fall behind, the more time you'll have to catch up."

So the clocks change and the world goes on...  Sadly, while you have a dog in the house, the body clock of a Labrador s based upon its stomach, with alarms that go off at the same temporal moment each day - not based upon the ticking of the clock...

We have had collies for the last couple of doggie generations. They seemed to have an inborn ability to adapt to whatever the household felt. We used to be a little incredulous when they happily swapped dinner times to a new hour without blinking. Not our current incumbent. We did manage to delay the morning breakfast by about half an hour - but I am not confident that it will stick.

Meanwhile, another gallery of Photographs has been sorted and developed. This is once more from the Cornwall wedding...   sadly they do not want the pictures public on facebook, but the galleries are done..  Will put them onto a memory stick and get hard copies printed in due course.

But while I will not be posting pictures from the wedding per se... There was a guy called Alan Marshal, who did the best 1940's crooner impersonations that I have heard.
He did a lovely set - though I understand that he normally busks with his speakers and music box running from a car battery..
One of the high points was an impromptu version of "Saying something Stupid". As far as I know, they had never sung together before - but the powers of Karaoke are wonderful.. They did a wonderful rendition.
So.. we are trying to persuade the dog that it is not yet supper time...     So far so Good...
I shall try one more glass of "41" before going downstairs..

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