Wednesday, 29 October 2014

29th October 2014 - Of offers and Offensive Marketing

Thought for the day: 'I saw a sign that said "watch for children" and I thought, "That sounds like a fair trade." '

It is Wednesday. A good day to check the offers around the shops. Tesco doing a litre of Bells for £15 and a litre of Gordons for the same price.  Seems like a plan. A good check around shows that Morrisons are also price matching though it is Grants for the Whisky. Offer limited to 2 bottles per customer. LAst time they did that I was caught going in three times through the self service. "These two are for my Mother!" "These two are for my wife". Don't think anyone believed me. Went through a different checkout the last time !

I rarely get annoyed by the machinations of the large companies - but the decision by Coca Cola to reduce the size of their bottles from 2 litres to 1.75 litres and then sell at the old price caused me enough personal dislike to boycott their wares in bottles.

I toyed with Lidl special Cola at about 45p a bottle, but was not really able to take the taste. The artifical sweeteners were just a little too much, and they did not live up to their slogan "Same as brands only cheaper"

ASDA came up trumps for a while...   They marketed 30 cans of diet coke for £7 - they are back up to £9 this week, but last week they were the same price for 30 as Tesco was for 24. With all the different sizes and different packs, I note today that 4 x 1.75 litre of diet coke varies in price from £5, to Tesco running 2 for £7.

That at last brings the price back to lower than the old offers on 2 litre bottles.

So, looks like a trip to Tesco today, with a quick nip into Morrisons.. Better do that as my daughter is visiting. Without the children as well. Sounds like a Gin and Tonic will be needed this evening..

Cheers !! 

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