Monday, 13 October 2014

13th October 2014 - The number of the Beast

Thought for the day: "What do you get when you put root beer in a square glass?  Beer !"

As I look at the blog this evening - my statistics show that this is the 666th posting I have made...
It was not so long ago that I wondered what this "Blogging" thing was all about..
I started it mainly as a daily record of things that I did while I was running the Crimson Moon, and was designed to try to capture all the things that I did without thinking, and would never remember to mention if I was asked. It was started when we were thinking of selling a business that we had been building for ten years, and one that we hoped would transfer ...

As time went on, the blog became a little more personal. A snap shot of the world from the eye of a random Viking Bard - containing the views of of "me",  some stories from my past, some reflections on current affairs, and some comments from daily life.

There is a section on the blog that allows me to access some statistics. For those who can work these things I am sure that it tells all sorts of useful information. It tells me that over 24,000 "views" have been made of the blog. I do not know if that is the number of times it has been accessed, and I am sure it includes my own checks and corrections for spelling and grammar.   There is nothing really that is the equivalent of the Facebook "45 people Like this" or "Seen by 100 people"...   But it is a great bonus when someone mentions something that could only have been read on the blog... or the complaint that I have been away and the Blog only had "Just a thought" for too long....

So... I don't know who is out there .. I cannot tell.. Only two people have actually linked to the Blog so everyone else is taking the effort to come in and have a look .. Thank you .. That is all...

It is post 666. I do not think it is the number of the beast. I know it is the 13th of the month - but that can not really have any validity .. can it ???
Of course it can't ..
So for any or all who are out there this evening - I raise my glass and drink your health ...

Old Time Religion


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