Monday, 9 July 2012

9th July 2012  - And so another week starts...

Another Monday - and start of another week. Feeling a little industrious so up early and finished the computer installation stuff.  Looking for tarpaulins to weather proof the marquee as it looks as though it is gong to be wet again... The site is apparently very water logged - but there is nothing we can do about it now. We will just try to ensure that the tent stays dry enough in the bedroom area and maybe put some flooring down in some fashion.

Called Bookers, so as to give them the maximum period of time let me arrange a delivery to Sherratts wood and seem to have hit a real jobsworth !!  telling me that he will have to do a risk assessment before he can deliver - in case he has the wrong vehicle - Still am awaiting a call back from the Catering Manager  now - all I asked was for him to change my account to the site in Stoke !!. Come back Macclesfield is what I say - they fell over themselves to help us last event.

Managed to complete the paperwork of the past events - and am up to date with the records of events now. Brought in the bedroom tentage from the van and promptly dropped everything on my head from the roof structures - No harm done - probably the safest part of me to hit !!

Terrano is in the garage getting the once over from my mechanic - to see if there are any problem areas with it - fingers crossed that it is fine cos I rather like it .

Heard from Curious Pastimes - and there will be no problem wit the extra day stay over and the dogs - which is a relief as my father in law called this morning to say that they were off to the Mediterranean for a week - starting Saturday - which would have been a blow if we were wanting to leave the dogs with them next week !!!

Sorted out the Kitchen List for the next event and also for Renewal - looks as though we can cater for the Black Company After all - so that will be a fun crowd to have there.

Worse news on the car front- got called to the garage where they started explaining all the things wrong with the car - which led to us borrowing my mother's car and driving it back to Swansea to the garage from whence it came  - they want t put it on the ramp tomorrow - but I have told them that I just want my money back.. we will see how much of a fight I need to make .... 

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