Wednesday, 11 July 2012

11th July 2012 - Wednesday - Nothing much happened on this  day in History ..

Did check - but can't see anything really interesting. iPhone 3G was launched - that will have no affect upon life - well not upon mine anyway ... I still use a phone to talk to people. Not even very good at texting - fingers too big and the screen too small. Babe Ruth debued somewhere in america...  Always remember Babe Ruth as when Trivial Pursuit first came out it was released in America before it was released in the UK.
My sister generously brought a box over from the States for us to play "this great new game"  and we had great fun in almost every category except Sport ( and some TV ).  However - we soon decided that any sport question - the answer was as likely to be Babe Ruth as anything else!!

So, we have heard form the new car man down in Bristol and this car seems a little more genuine. He has offered to re- MOT and fix anything found at his own expense if I send him the money for the MOT - that saves us trying to arrange things when we go down - so am sending the money when he gets back to me.
That would be nice if we can get it done before the weekend.

Found an old song sung by some of the girls at Curious Pastimes - called "No One's Slaves" and decide that I should do a mash up with the guitar and voice and the original as backing - may put some pictures on as well and try the new video software as an experiment.

Need to sort the van today - everything fell from the roof last time I was getting stuff out - so it needs sorting out before I get some more Oil - which I also need to do today - probably walk the dogs as well - they are getting stir crazy!! We must exercise them too much when we are away...

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