Wednesday, 4 July 2012

4th July 2012 - Happy 4th July !!!

Well it my be a day of celebration for some - but here in Western Wales it is another gloomy day of rain.
Website finished for Nancy and has her approval so will look into the transfer of the domain.
Another couple of TABS in so still head above water.
Phoned the Trailer company to get  a new mud guard for the trailer... also decided to buy a shoring pole to stop any movement in the trailer for safety purposes...

Car Tax refund applied for and sent off the registration documents for both vehicles - old and new.
Temporary Event Notice for Caerphilly the Big Cheese approved.

Found that I can't change the radio in the Terrano - it is a custom Nissan radio and has stuff like the hazard warning lights included - well at least Halfords won't change it. Got the headlamp changers for Mythodea, and the breathalisers that are required in France now ( no penalty until November for not having them - but as they are only £5.99 seemed easier to show that I have them ).

Managed to get a few barrels of cooking oil - enough for a full batch and a little more.
Got around to emptying the Trailer of the Methanol and finding the kitchen crates that needed to come in - with the cooking pots and the Jugs. Thought I had kept the table cloths separate - i did when going form Leek to Silverstone - but somehow managed to put them in the bottom box - so had to empty half of the trailer to get to them - had to be done - they need to be de-waxed before the next event. Was a pain as had little room to work in - and other than that - the trailer could have stayed pretty well as it way for the next event.    [Note to self - do not be an idiot !]

Done my first domain transfer - for the birthright domain .....  seems to be very simple as opposed to all my previous work several years ago - which was very painful and complicated .. this time it seems to say it will just go through!!   well we will see

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