Sunday, 8 July 2012

7th July 2012 - A Lost day!!

Well - late last night I decided to bite the bullet and reformat the hard disk - expecting to have a lot of grief - after all I had been putting it off for almost two years. After doing a bit of extra back up and thinking I had managed to get the outlook settings properly backed up this time - I went for the Format option and crossed my fingers!!

Surprisingly - it is working all very well and a n hour later I was up and running and lost 60 gig form the hard drive - so something must have gone !! Also much faster - still have the reloads of various programmes - but the Outlook and email came back quickly - and Chrome loaded in place of Firefox - which had been giving me all sorts of grief with stalled scripts showing up and delaying the whole system...

So Saturday dawns - and not much time for playing with the computer.  Meeting of Athelston in Llanelli and getting invested as Provincial Organist and have  a few lines to say - and what a pleasant day it was with a fairly reasonable lunch - a bottle of red - a couple of pints of lager and - sadly - a trip down to the Kilkenny Cat afterwards !!!.. Not a good idea ... Morning finished at 4pm or so - and the rest of the day was lost to all!!    Well to me at any rate ...  In bed by 5pm for a short nap - and slept through till 9am the next day !!!

Well - I thought I should catch up on some sleep sometime !!

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