Friday, 20 July 2012

20th July 2012 - Fayre of Siberia - Day One

8.30 am - and a cup of tea and strangely enough a signal on the laptop while the phone has none!!.
Well if you stand by the kettle you can speak on the phone with 3 bars on the signal and three feet away absolutely nothing.

Dogs walked down the road and have had a biscuit. sitting looking at me expectantly as though I would give them another walk!!.. Sadly - they get used to a game of throwing the ball straight after getting up when at event.
Not today - it is wet and muddy out there !!.

Final touches on the Tavern required this morning and then perhaps another warm shower and get ready for the players...  Is currently dry but there seems to be rain in the air.. may have to look at the forecast...

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