Tuesday, 31 July 2012

31st July 2012 - Channel Tunnel and beyond...

3.30am start and the rain has been pouring all night - and the ground has that lovely morning smell of freshness. Last few items put back into the van and a short trip down the M25, M20 and down to Folkestone for the Channel Tunnel. Mainly dry with a few showers.

Have to say I am impressed with the whole set up. Well signed and as we drive up to the first automated gates - the vehicle number has been scanned and the sign pops up saying "Hello Mr Sewell - are these details correct and a slip of paper comes out offering us the earlier departure for no additional cost.
Needless to say we take it - but a short stop at the services for light relief - means that by the time we get through passport and security - which was admittedly fast they are just closing the early booking.

However no more than 10 minutes and we are driving into the train ready for departure and we are second vehicle in - meaning that the toilets and facilities are right in front of us.

Last option to use the mobile broadband before we leave. Have topped up for roaming - so we will see what happens when we get to the other end.

waiting in line...

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