Thursday, 12 July 2012

12th July 2012 - I wonder if it will rain today !!!

Well, a little late on the blog this morning and as it comes to a quarter to eleven ( of course) - it is starting to tip it down again !!!.

Bookers contacted yesterday - so will get the web order in once Susie works out the food requirements.
Sent order to Wincle Beer Company - who are holding our lagers and ciders, and from whom I have ordered 6 kegs. Probably overstocking again - but they have been very good to us with the storage - so I want them to have a decent order to make it worth their while delivering the extra distance .

Managed the trip around to Glamorgan Beer to take back the empties yesterday and ordered another two Black Rat - which with the Westons and the fizzy keg - should be more than enough for the next event.

Tarpaulin arrived - so we should be able to get the sleeping area of the tent dry this time around - without problem. Message that the lining material - the ripstock for the inner tent for the 20 x 20 is in Lee mills at Swansea. If the car gets through the MOT then we will probably go to Bristol tomorrow and pick the material up on the way back.

time for a picture .....
3 staff sorted for the next event
Have extra for the setup which could be nice - as it looks as though we may not get very close to the tents  if the weather stays as it is - the ground is apparently fairly water logged...

Evening of socialising and bookers order pretty well complete on the website - just check the finals tomorrow .
Car seems to have got through its MOT with no problems - so scheduled for early start and trip to Brizzle tomorrow to pick up the new car. That will be an end to the car crisis - though it has been a little expensive.
Transfer of my daughter's website is still being slow - have made several calls to the new domain hosting site - EASYSPACE with whom I have always been very happy - but had problems with Mr Site - the old domain holder who did not want to release the site without a fee - and now we are waiting for the DNS to transfer  - sadly the email is out in the meantime - so hoping that it will be resolved tomorrow ...

Marquees mainly repaired and checked by Susie  - can't find the main tear - so it must be on the other tent - so we will have to get that out over the weekend and check them as well.
Food for the Kitchen at next event - one meal cooked and ready for freezing....
Bedding sorted out and put in for washing and drying and freshening ...
Still failed to get more Oil - have to think about looking again tomorrow ....
Seem to have covered most of the check list 

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