Monday, 18 March 2019

18th March 2019 - Is Viinshar a Welsh town name?

Thought for the day:"Boobytrap backwards is partyboob – just saying"

Yesterday was an Irish day with St Patrick - who was of course a Welshman as far as we can tell. So this little map popped up with the correct pronunciation (not) of the Welsh towns
I think I may change Clandudknow to Clan-don't-know - seems like a plan..

This nice old picture of the Thomas Arms also popped up - we used to live just opposite and when Susie and I took the girls Choir Practise on a Friday night - there just seemed to be a pub in the  way on the way home ... I remember the bar staff thinking that we must be having an affair as we talked to each other for an hour without stopping each week !

In other news, gained permission from Chris Fano to use the image of her NPC character Anaesha Fey - the leader of the Viinshar for the CD, and we are moving into design phase. Meanwhile - I am putting together the remix video for the Viinshar ...  track three ..

And so a day in the video mix, RAM this evening, and head still in the book for KTP on Wednesday...

Cheers !

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