Tuesday, 6 June 2017

6th June 2017 - Poems and Pints

Thought for the day: "Vampires suck blood for Vitamin D 'cos they can't go out in the sun .. Did you ever think about that?? No !! You only think of yourself !!"

A little brighter this morning - but very cold for June!
Dog managed to sleep until 9am without concern, and after breakfast has returned to bed!!
Chickens were making a racket but are quieter now that they have been let out.
Roadrunner seems to be broody again and was most put out when I turfed her off the three eggs in the coup. Seems we have three free loaders again - as only two eggs yesterday and three today!
Thought they may be hiding them in the Greenhouse but a cup of tea called so I have only had a perfunctory look .. will try again later!!

Started a new track in the studio Sunday, Mona Mour at the Jollie Rouge. Not a good start. Guitar tuner was out of battery so thought I am quite good at tuning by ear - that is only tuning the guitar against itself - so may be all out of tune to the same amount!! It was only the backing template - the one I work with as a click track - so is not the end of the world. But then found that the battery in the Guitar Amp was also dead - which was a disappointment as it was a fairly new battery - so only had to go acoustic...   Yesterday was a write off with tents int he day and Allied Masonic Meeting in Swansea in the evening - so will look at follow up today..

Dentist at 11.30am - and shopping for my mother... 

My sister saw a post on facebook today from one of the Carer's at Plas y Mor...  I was touched..
Her name is Julie and she does voluntary ambulance work in her spare time and had consoled a dying man on her own till the crew arrived. Her first one.
So my mother wrote one of her free form poems and wrote from the heart as she always does.
She calls them ramblings but she has a way with a words and a wonderful sense of timing and caring.

Julie says :
"after an early shift this morning & not realising what horrors had unfolded last night in London until I actually went into work, after reassuring some people I cared for today, I was handed a beautiful letter written to me from a lady whom I looked after...not only did this bring a tear to my eyes but put a big smile on my face...it read... 
To Julie, 
Beneath the elegant exterior, beautiful & blonde...
Her vivid eyes mask an interior strength...
Her everyday love, as she cares for us afflicted, 
Hides the heart of a lioness,
As she volunteers and helps all others unsung...
Never change Julie, you are a rare person who makes this world a better place........
what kind words to receive after the week I have endured

Proud of my mother - just saying.

And with Poems - Comes Pints

Day 6D

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