Monday, 12 June 2017

12th June 2017 - Start of another week

Thought for the day :"I just discovered Kerning - spread the word"

So, we start another week - and as I reckon it - we are now on week 23 of the year (day 163).
Solstice is creeping up on us but the weather does not really seem to be in agreement. Another grey day for today.

But Monday is Monday and the Moon will be heading for a Northern Tide and Tide Event at Newcastle Castle

And time for Vollsanger to change his cover picture - a Bard walking into the mayhem - sounds about right.

Had my confirmation for my trip to Germany and Mythodea for this year. With the changes in the style of ticket - had hoped to get a fully paid slot - but they obviously know me too well and have decided to give me a Free Ticket, Beer and Burgers (German Style) and a commitment to sing in the Red Sail (Der Rote Stern) twice a day. Seems that is all I am contracted to do - so one less than last year - though I recall singing for about 14 hours a day while there last year.

Looking forward to it - now have 6 tracks ready for the CD ...  well as ready as they will be with me mixing!




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