Friday, 30 September 2016

30th September 2016 - End of another Month and something Fishy

Thought for the day:" Exercise makes you look better naked - so does Tequila - your choice.."

So another month passes by. St Teilo Installation yesterday went well and everyone seemed to enjoy. A good list of officers with no recycled masters for a second year - well with me as an exception last year naturally, having done it twice before ...

So, today I took up another treasurership - I was the one that said I would not get any further involved - does not work sadly - but not too much work involved really - if you say it fast..

A few aches and pains as I start the day - but that might be exacerbated by a copious amount of lubrication last night - a dirty old job but someone has to do it .... But it was the end of a successful year. 

So looking through some old photos I came across this little set from 2009 - Scurvy Scum and the attack of the 6ft Crustaceans - and of course the only weapon to really affect them - the Holy Ukelele of Antioch.....

Ready for Battle

The killing blow

Lobster anyone ???

October starts tomorrow - not really sure where the year is going ...

Cheers !

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