Thursday, 18 February 2016

18th February 2016 - Currys, Cardboard and Celebrations

Thought for the day :" You know that little voice in your head that keeps you from saying what you are really thinking - I should probably get one of those..."

And so we get closer to our Ladies night and Susie is in full swing...
Can you see what it is yet ??

The interesting thing of course was popping up to Curry's to see if I could find some cardboard. They were extremely helpful , saying that of course I could have some - and they had some large freezer boxes - I could have one of those.. I proudly marched out with this massive piece of card under my arm - to find out that the little blue car would not fit a piece half the size !!

So, sheepishly I had to take it back to the counter and ask if they could look after it for a while .. They looked a little confused but agreed - they had the Know How I suppose.. And back for the Bothy.. Which should have been simple really - after all it is a long wheel base Mercedes van !! With a jammed side door. Yes - I cannot get into the van without climbing over from the driver's seat ... So Back to Curry's and once more out with the piece of card..

With a little bending and folding - and a little tearing of the box flaps which we would not use anyway ...  A small group of shoppers gathered to watch the strange man with the Origami demonstration in the middle of the car park - but finally got it in and got it home..

And so - with an overhead projector - do you know how hard it is to find acetates these days ?? It is old technology now - everyone uses a laptop to project - no-one worries about the old overheads - so tracing onto laminate sheets was the final answer..

But the end product is worthwhile - what a clever wife I have ..

Meanwhile...  while answering my birthday wishes ...
and the additional 431 later

I found this little gem and enjoyed it - in the same vein as "Ain't seen Ruthin Yet"..

I'm going up to Merthyr..
Cheers !!

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