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14th December 2015 - British Gas Tolls - and Trolls

Thought for the day :"A Fisherman was trying to learn the alphabet - he got lost at C"

Remember British Gas ???  I do .

Or perhaps the follow up ???

9th-december-2015-of-gas-technology-and-technology - Thats a G & T to you

Well today I spoke with Joanne..  or it may be Jo, and I am hoping that she sends me the promised email links so I can send her my blog..

Apparently, they will be having a meeting later on with the "big Boss" or a local "Big Boss" who wants to discuss improving the issue of invoices and cancellations.... She may be able to take this in with her as a point in case...  or not .. Apparently all emails are logged and linked - so I can point out that there is nothing offensive or unsafe for work in any of my emails or blogs ...

Why am I mentioning this ?? Well you may recall that I was receiving a lot of bills - many of which were cancelling each other on the same day. You may recall that I spoke with Steven and he assured me that the invoice address had been changed to include the house number, so as to remove the difficulties for the Postie  in guessing which house it should go to - I think he is catching on now anyway!

Anyway, I was assured that the matter would be resolved and I requested a letter of confirmation ( and preferably of apology however unlikely) with details of what I actually owe....

And today...

Yes - all dated 9th and 10th of December - a couple of days after Steven had apparently sorted the whole matter out and fixed it.  And yes, they are sent to New Road New Road and no number !!

So I was delighted to find February to June 2015 a credit note for £1,526.98 (No Bill)
February to June 2015 - £33.19
June to September 2015 - £35.92
June to September 2015 - £41.26 Credit
September to October 2015 - 9.40
September to October 2015 - 9.40 Credit
October to December 2015 -£10.32
October to December 2015 -£10.32 Credit

I thought I would chance my luck and see if Steven was about - he wasn't. Spoke with Michelle who took my mobile phone details and my email and told me that the records show that it has all been sorted on the 12th December - but that might be because he could not contact me on the mobile number given - mine .. In fairness, I have had a couple of calls from an 0845 number - but no message left on answerphone and 0845 numbers can be expensive to call from a mobile - and were probably spam...

At which point I get put on hold as I was obviously a "Corporate" Account!!  Does this mean I am important ? Does this mean I get special treatment. No! Apparently it means that I get a lot of bills. Well that was what I was phoning up to complain about... but I am on hold so no point in arguing..

And then I get to Joanne or Jo...   Who tells me that she has no idea why the call has come to her - but she wants to help - so would I mind if I explained it all again.. So I did ..
Interestingly she asks if I maybe knew the surname of Steven who was dealing before. I pointed out that none of the staff at British Gas offer their surname - it is only Steven, and Claire, and Michelle and now in fact Joanne....  Fair point it seems as she did not dwell on this..

But she is very pleasant and we go back through the records seeing that there have been a few trees disposed of during the course of a year - and she asks me what I think the bill should be!! Well - that one stumped me but when she said it was showing about £80 I thought that was probably about right as the monthly charge of about £10 would mount up to that much in the course of a year...

So, I gave her the details and she will go through the account and tell me what I owe. Still do not think I will get the apology or the reduction based upon the hours spent on the phone... But maybe they will not be cutting me off before Christmas...

Apparently, with the email I will have all the details I need and a "500" reference number which will include all the communication regarding the account....  That is a relief..

I think I can safely raise a glass of Chateau 41 tonight, safe in the knowledge that I will not need to blog about British Gas any more ...   or will I??

 Of course if I were a different person then I may have some witty riposts, or reposts
I saw this little section of gems entitled "What happens when you make a Troll your worst enemy"
I must say - it made me giggle and think a little about the intelligence of some of the population.. 
I give it a strait 5/7 - see if you agree - just click on the link..



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