Tuesday, 24 November 2015

24th November 2015 - Of Grand Expectations and Ancestry

Thought for the day: "Your secret is safe with me because I wasn't listening"

It seems that Ancestry.co.uk has benefitted today form the release of 190 years of Freemasonry records spanning up to 1921. I presume later ones will be released later, but like other records there are restrictions on people who are currently alive so that sees like a reasonable cut off point.

Tony Robinson (a non-mason) was tasked by Ancestry to do a short film to cover the story..

The building itself is well used by the Film Industry now, being a wonderful specimen of Art Deco. And free tours if travelling in the London area. So much for secrecy..

Enjoy some pictures of the great building...

So, off to Unity Lodge Installation today - ho hum ..


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