Saturday, 14 November 2015

14th November 2015 - Flash Mobs and Invisible Dogs

Thought for the day: "Be careful of trees - they look kind of shady"

There is something intriguing about the Flash Mob craze. A group of people get together in some public area and unexpectedly break into song or dance and then drift away. It appeals to my sense of humour and I think I would like to be involved one day. I would be delighted to be surprised by finding a Flash Mob start around me.   There are many examples.

But drifting through the Tube of You's today I came across an IMPROV group - you may have seen them - they have over four and a half million hits so it is possible.  I was quite impressed with the group of 50 who dressed up as white mannequins and infiltrated a GAP shop and stood next to real clothes horses, where the manager got worried and called the NYPD who immediately arrested them all with handcuffs - lying on the floor.....

Then there was the incident with the Portaloo which spouted a marching band - enough to make you wet yourself especially later when it was quite busy and some were obviously getting desperate..

But I think one of my favourites is the "Invisible Dog". Watch for the moment where an owner picks up the invisible poo from the pavement... And local business catch on quickly with the welcome sign with water for invisible animals ...

Much easier than walking the real dog ..

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