Wednesday, 5 November 2014

5th November 2014 - Of Fawkes and Freezing ....

Thought for the day: " For every action there is an equal and opposite criticism."

So, they say that Guy Fawkes was the last man to enter the Houses of Parliament with honest intentions... that may be but we seem to have a continuing festival of fireworks - day after day and the dog is not very happy ! Funnily enough it was a really bright and sunny day today after a few days of rain and miserable climate. Sunny, but not really that warm!

Actually - not warm at all and 5th of November this year will mark the first day that we have put the cranking central heating on - and surprise surprise it has worked again. It is a bit of an antique, and I am sure that over half the radiators are full of gunk as they cannot get any heat, but I have dutifully bled the bedroom radiator (using the needle nose pliers as the valve is so worn that it looks like a victim of a thousand years of erosion) and several others and the main rooms are warm !!!

But as it is November the 5th - I though I should do something to record the day...

I thought I should put a Green One into the general red fireworks..

I also saw this gem and thought I should record this for posterity as well
So today was a busy one - managed to get the container moved - I will tell the story tomorrow though
Now time for a glass of "41"  - Goodnight..


Collective Nouns - That's the Spirit

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