Wednesday, 12 November 2014

12th November 2014 - Fighting for Norsca!!!

Thought for the day: "What Do You Get From a Pampered Cow?  Spoiled Milk!!"

Well a good day today - managed to get a lot moved in the boxes scenario... Most of Burry Port now empty with only maybe one half trip  to do on Friday. Getting somewhere at last . Susie's Back a little better but still very sensitive. Chickens growing - and gosh are they eating - but they will be dinner for most of the new year.

Managed to finish version one of Norscan State of Mind... a parody on the Empire State of Mind by Jay Zee and Alicia Keys - I should have known that all the trouble they made over the parody by Goldie Looking Chain of the "Newport" Song , and therefore should not have been surprised that it is immediately blocked by Youtube in the UK and USA... so had to upload into Facebook to see how long it lasts there ..

So I will upload here and see what happens then !!!
So - bigger than 100 mB - can't upload ... Hmmm

Seems that we can promote here until banned elsewhere ..
Also try this link to the Facebook Version

So - all things considered a good day  ....

Think I will celebrate - a Glass or two of Chateau 41 (White) and a glass of scotch ...

Nonsensical Picture of the day 

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