Friday, 28 November 2014

28th November 2014 - Of Black Company and Love Chronicles

Thought for the day : " Does a Physicist prefer fission chips?"

Just a quick one today. All set for the travels of Vollsanger again - as I head down to a lovely castle in the Wye Valley called St Briavels..

I shall be in the dubious company of the Black Company, a set of mismatched mercenary cut throats, vagabonds and a soldiers. A little like the Foreign Legion, they all have their past which is generally hidden unless you are caught cheating at Tonk - their very own gambling card game!!!

But I am a badged member / associate of the Company, having served as Bard for many years and look forward to some ribald songs and festivities.

I have been working upon a new set which I shall try out for the first time - probably during the banquet between courses as it involves all my own songs - particularly written for  some lost loves in the mythical world of Mythodea...

The set is entitled "Love Chronicles of Mythodea"

 It tells of my unlucky meetings in Germany...  Firstly "Dance For Me"...
Ramonji Windlillie

Then we follow with "The Jollie Rouge" a bath house / tavern and another dancer..
Mona Mour

Leaving the dancing girls - we moved on to the Black Pearl Tavern and the lovely serving wenches.... In this case Sinistair....."I lost my Money, Shirt, Heart, and Voice.. In the Black Pearl Mythodea"
Of course, having written her a song it would have been nice if she was there the next year - but sadly no!
But, in the same establishment - there was Tanya...  I said I would write her a song... She said that she would finish at two...  "Tanya's Song" - now found I spelled t wrong - it should be Tanja !!!

And of course - behind it all is the Tapestry...  with the elusive Muse inspired by the lovely Harma


There are others, but that will be a 20 minute stand alone set - we will see how it goes...
I better take a bottle of Chateau 41 with me ...  never know what these people will drink !!!

So Cheers in advance  - and probably only a thought tomorrow ..

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