Tuesday, 18 November 2014

18th November 2014 - Back to Normalcy - whatever that is !

Thought for the day : "My weight is perfect for my height -- which varies"

So the mysterious hacker in the Ukraine has been expunged. A full day doing virus checks on my system - probably a three hour job on most machines but mine went to sleep and went into rehab while thinking about proceeding... of course - the 23 hour scan was completed at a time when the lovely people running the servers were  not available  .. so a job for the morning - and the lovely game of "let's listen to a phone on hold.."

Was not alone...  I have had a couple of small spots appear on my face - almost insignificant and certainly not visible - but I am a tactile person and I know they are there. Most men apparently do not follow up on their medical conditions, and as I am one that wants to buck the statistics - I went through the phone challenge - start at 8.30am for a chance to get through to your local GP Surgery to see if there is still an appointment available.. My Old phone has a last number redial thank goodness.. It stops all broadband in my house sadly - but the prospect of possibly hearing the ring tone rather than the engaged tone for 23 minutes keeps the challenge real !!

Luckily, I was connected and managed an appointment at 10am...  I was delighted that I waited only 5 minutes in the surgery, and the Doc confirmed in 30 seconds that I was worrying for nothing - but to watch and check for any growth etc.....

While thinking about the 10am call - of course I am waiting on line to speak with the email people - and that is a little longer - sadly has to be abandoned - I am sure I was probably within 2 on the queue !!  to go to the doctor - but on my return I started the whole procedure again ...

Finally got through and it seems I am now up and running again with a new password - that may be a problem - I have to remember what it is !!! Ho Hum...

I am still thinking about my Black and white . My machine is so slow that I have spent 2 hours trying to access my old pictures to see what I can use  - but in the meantime - here is one of my favourites - she is so fetching that she looks better in B & W than in colour... Thanks Kate Bradford

Useless item of the day 
a step too far ?

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