Wednesday, 30 October 2013

30th October 2013 - On the Eve of All Hallows -

Okay, I succumbed. Socks on and sitting at the computer, but my feet are frozen...  Bright start to the day - but chilly and feeling a little wintry, and as the day has continued the rain has started coming in and I am very tempted to cry out the Game of Thrones cry "Winter is Coming!!!"  The central Heating has been switched on !!!!

Another day playing with the video editor, and now we have the Welsh Green One song to add to the Latin, and the Youtube hits is creeping quite quickly up to the 41,000 mark....

Probably need one more before tackling the Version 4 of the Global - need to look at available languages that I may be able to promote....

So the night before Halloween, and the shops are starting to look like a poor version of America. Also had a weekend with fireworks - which is also a little early for Guy Fawkes night.. I do believe that there is a place for a house that I saw yesterday - called the Zombie House...

Here is the building at rest - completely secure

another view form the front 

does not seem to be a way in at all  

ahh - maybe a garage door ?

what is that opening on the side?

opening the gates and those are big shutters!!

more views - oh and they have a cat !!!

Now we begin to see what it looks like

quite comfortable really

yup - I could live there !!

nice and open plan

Well - maybe a lottery win ??

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