Wednesday, 2 October 2013

2nd October 2013 - Damp on the Tramp..

A damp day and occasional heavy downfalls here in Wales and the weather forecast is for storms and floods. Looks like it is getting worse for the next few days as well !!!
The weather up North seems to be as bad as ours looking at the pictures of the walk. They are well over half way and still managing to keep their spirits up. I understand that they are having a curry evening tonight though it was too inclement to put up the kitchen awning for outside cooking.

They seem to be camping most days and Susie is trying to dry their boots in the Bothy loo using the oil heater so they have a chance to get through another day. The donations seem to be coming in thick and fast as well - which is great news.

Meanwhile, Home Alone, managed to fix the dishwasher ( I don't use is as often as we do when we are all here). Switched it on this evening and only a dead machine!!!  Of course I had done some cleaning and managed to knock the plug out of place under the sink - so all sorted in the end ...

So, as it is October., I decided to invest in a couple more Morrisons boxes and have a look at a couple more rooms to de-clutter. Looking from a distance, sadly, it seems that most people would start from where I am now - rather than pride themselves in clearing 75% already.. Ho Hum !!!!

Needing to think about doing some decorating. Wondering if I have enough zest to start while Home Alone. Or is that why I have suddenly gone down with minor man flu - cold and sore throat ?? Seems likely that the old body is making excuses already !!

So - the opportunity to do some more video editing for the Browns Hotel in Laugharne - the Sunday Sessions with the Empty Shed experience....

This one has been treated with the ageing facilities available to me - rather like the result..

Meanwhile, with the Chickens we seem to have four eggs a day again for two days - one of them very pointed so the fourth lass is still having her egg laying problems.

But while the rain looks set to stay in - they were put away at half past six and not sure how early I will be up in the morning. But a small piece of pate and cheese with a glass of port seemed only reasonable this evening ...

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