Tuesday, 22 October 2013

22nd October 2013 - hybernating and hiding

Not doing a lot - and enjoying it really..
Had an opportunity to add a couple of videos..

These are a series of Mythodea shots filmed by Will Conroy across in Ireland  - thanks to him..

This is a song about a character int he Curious Pastimes game, who was rather over the top. He was a sort of Conquistador style character - I think Rick thought he would last half an event!!  If that...

But he was one of my first successes in writing a song as Vollsanger for a "couple of Gold" and started the tradition that a song from Vollsanger normally means that your character is about to die !!!

Which is sort of explained in this version of "Here all Week"  the Vollsanger Story...

and of course .. the main anthem of Vollsanger  - "you bring the Mead !!!"

Early night I think ....    enough for one day ...

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