Sunday, 9 June 2013

9th June 2013 - Birthdays and Butterflies

A glorious day of sunshine, which was a nice way to celebrate 86 years for my mother, and the delight of a cordon bleu lunch care of Frankie and Benny. Okay - it is not the grandest place, but it was place of choice and we do know that the food will always be of a standard. Must be a sign of the times that the menu prices seem to have risen dramatically, but we don't go out very often and rarely dine these days, so it was nice to splash out with a bottle of Merlot and a bacon burger.

So the birthday girl ploughed her way through her own weight in scampi, a great feat for a lady who normally claims to have little appetite.(For any American browsers - yes that is the correct spelling of the farming implement - live with it !).

And on the balcony at Plas y Mor, a set of solar butterflies awaits the falling of darkness, which should light up the railings and bring a little additional glimmer to Burry Port.

Of course, our planning to ensure that the surprise present from the USA that my sister had left hidden in the flat did not work quite as expected. A walk on the beach - well a drive on the beach in the 4 x 4 and a stroll around in a circle so as not to over extend, seemed a good plan to get the birthday girl out of the house, while Susie snuck in to find the hidden present... which wasn't where it was meant to be!!!  Worse than that, it turned out that not only was it not where it should be, but it was where the birthday girl knew where it was. Worse than that, it was one of two presents left behind, the first which had been identified for her at Mother's day with instructions not to open the second because she had forgotten that it was a birthday present!!!

So Raffles searches the flat and fails to find the items, but all is well in the end, as she knew where they were.  Thank you Sister!!   All 's well that ends well!!!

So, a pint of carling ( £3.85 for goodness sake !! This is Llanelli not the South East!!!) and a bottle of wine for lunch means that a snooze in the sun and a nap is the order of the day ......

Oops - Internet dropping out again - how annoying......

Maybe a Jug of Pimms will help ......   worth a try !!!!)

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