Sunday, 30 June 2013

30th June 2013 - Another Month Down

So, the weathermen tell us that this is the hottest day in UK - for the South East !!! that is

Nope - over here in good old sunny Wales we are cold and chilly and hints of rain ..
Managed to clear a lot of the in-laws flat to try to make more room for them as Arnold comes out of hospital this week with a broke hip...
Means that I managed to add another four boxes to my pile - whoopee..
Sadly ran out of boxes - so will need to take another couple tomorrow morning..
My life appears to be made out of boxes.....
"little boxes .. little boxes !!!   "  ♪♫   "No!!!!!"
"There was a Green One !!"

Better take some more tomorrow !!!  anyway !!!

So - Arrangements now made for access to Mythodea in Germany - so ready to buy tickets now .
At the end of the month -
Boxes are accumulating...
Bertha is almost complete
Buffy is developing well and running beautifully
And Susie has got her Plotment across the road....  

best get a glass of scotch ....
[and watching Stella - lovely Welsh Humour !!!]


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