Saturday, 8 June 2013

8th June 2013 - Llamedos and Llareggub

Dylan Thomas always had a way with words, and living close to the Boathouse, well within driving distance of Laugharne, we can look at his fictional village of Llareggub, and see it as the non-palindromic masterpiece that it is...
Dylan Thomas's Boat House - Laugharne
Of course, for years in our family, my father also had his own fictional town and expression. It held the same values as Llareggub, and I had not heard any reference outside the family until yesterday..
And then, on the book of faces, I saw a picture posted of a house somewhere in North Wales, and I saw that there were like minded people in the world.
I may think of this for a house name in the future.. Our last house was called Old Surveyors, as it was built out of a set of old builders cottages, but it boasted the title "Beware of the Aardvark" on the front gate. OUr current house has the title "Ty Aardvark" upon the same supposition - Ty being Welsh for "Home of" or "House", thus being Aardvark House. this house does not proclaim "Beware of low flying Possums" as did our previous house.

This had its origin when some friends came to visit - bringing their dog which unfortunately chased cats. At that time we had Roosta and Towel, two cats which were named from the Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy (look up the reference if you wish - series two). Using good canine psychology, we of course explained to the dog that we had no cats - but that there were possums in the house and dogs do not chase possums. Sure enough - the dog ignored the cats on this occasion. So when the cats sat on the back gate looking down at visitors, they were obviously "Low Flying Possums"   (Welcome to my world!)

So - plans for the day - well I think nearer to Llamedos than Llareggub.. too much to do ..   and the sun is shining. Scrambled eggs first though - after all the girls are producing the eggs - it is only right that we eat them...

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  1. Llamedos? Doesn't the same unfriendly geezer own a house across the street - named 'Ffodos'?