Thursday, 8 December 2016

8th December 2016 - Don't Bank on it !!!

Thought for the day:"It is only when the mosquito lands on your testicles that you realise that there are options for resolution other than violence.."

Changing a mandate upon a bank account should be a very straight forward task. There must be thousands of clubs and societies across the country, each of which require bank accounts for their daily business. And, as with all committees, treasurers change with time, and a simple straight forward way of amending the details, the payee and the address to which the statement is sent should not be too hard for an organisation which, let's be fair. is actually designed to look after the accounts.

It seems that the trend to do more "on-line" is complicating the matter a little. In the old days you went into the branch and asked for a form, which you dutifully filled in, and there was a good chance that the member of staff knew you and in a couple of weeks the job would be done and mandate changed.

On face value - nothing has really changed - except they do not keep the forms in the branch anymore - you have to print them out yourself  ... add the signatures - get the minutes and give it into the Bank - where it seems they promptly lose them!

So - a month on and we start the process again - though a little more difficult now as getting the signatures from the right people is a little harder - they having moved away - but we will try to see whether they will accept scanned copies - we will see if we can do this all by email ..

Though in the end - I will have to go in with my passport again and my Utility Bill and then they will probably tell me that the Chairman that they have on record is not the one who has signed, and that the secretary has changed - but they will not be able to tell me the names of those who should sign - because I would have to be on the Mandate to be given that information - and I am not on the Mandate- which is why I am trying to change the Mandate ... I still think that this should somehow be a little easier...

And so - to sooth the brow - I do not have any pictures of Kittens - but I do have a fact about cats ..


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