Tuesday, 20 December 2016

20th December 2016 - Waiting for the floor

Thought for the day:"Irony ?? Dying in the living room !"

Yesterday saw another known person die - Rabbi Lionel Blue passed away aged 86. I used to hear him regularly on the Radio, I thought Radio 2 back in the days of "Morning Morning Jameson here!" though his obituaries mark him as a regular on Radio 4. Used to enjoy his rambling, find out now that he was a pioneer and the first Gay Rabbi to come out...  apparently, when he had prostrate Cancer in 2000 - he decided to write his own obituary and broadcast it. Nope  - not going to try that one ...

Today was an early morning day. I don't normally "do" early mornings ... happy to rest until the crack of ten, but the kitchen flooring is coming today - don't know what time - and the agreement was that I would lift the old flooring. Fed the dog, let the chickens into the coop, not allowed into the garden at the moment as there is Bird Flu around, and popped around the corner to get some milk for a well earned cup of tea..    No idea when they will come - but we are ready for them...

5 Days until Christmas  - Best change some cover pictures ....  and finish a video ...

Frost Market - Week Three

Right - back to work ..
Cheers !


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