Sunday, 18 December 2016

18th December 2016 - Open the Box ?? Or take the money!

Thought for the day:" I hate it when I see an old person and realise I went to school with them !"

So.. there was a task!!
Somewhere in the warehouse there are Christmas decorations from two years ago - I had a fairly good idea that I had put them somewhere accessible at the time - but later forgot and covered them in boxes.... but probably in that far corner on the right...

Then I got a request last night from some good friends who sent us some CD's several years ago to see if we could sell some at the Christmas Market in Caerphilly. Well we managed to sell a few, and sent some money off to them - and thought that we would bump into each other as we passed around the medieval re-enactments.. Meanwhile the box with the CD's sat on the shelf in the living room. It was not really in the way, tucked behind some books ...

But, after being away in Germany, Susie decided to re-arrange the mess that was our main bookshelves - so on my return I re-arranged the second bookshelf to hold all the files ... And I moved the stuff that was on the shelves - most likely into a box which would then get sent to the warehouse.... 

One of those boxes ! No idea which !!

So - since I was looking for the decorations - I started in the right corner and duly found the tinsel after moving about 16 boxes and checking as I went along...  Having cleared three columns, I had a choice to carry on form the back and work to the front - or start the next row from the front and work backwards..  Good Choice!!   Box 27 !!

Found the CD's ...  still in pristine condition !!

Will have to pop to the Post Office tomorrow ...

Would be nice if there was a system - but the original idea was to move and get a big barn - and every day would be a pleasant surprise as we opened a box and decided what to keep ! I think I was just lucky today !

I'll drink to Luck!!
(Actually I'll drink to anything !!"

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