Thursday, 28 May 2015

28th May 2015 - So much time so little to do - Strike that - Reverse it

Thought for the day: "When all is said and done, there’s always someone who’s still talking."

Sitting thinking to myself there is too much to do in too short a period of time. So - maybe I should do my blog and think about it! Been up since a quarter past eight - fed the dog, watered the chickens and the greenhouse, fed the baby chicken or the penguins as Susie calls them. Let the middly chicken out into the run - is a Sunny day - they will enjoy it - probably will eat all the last grass seed I put down but it did not seem to be growing anyway.

Wrote a visitors toast for our Junior warden - who does not have a lot of time or the inkling to write his own and it is not a problem to help out... Wrote a toast for the Provincial Grand Master who it seems will be attending my Master Elect night - so needs to have something nice said about him. I'm good at that!...

Contacted Margaret to see if I can get her and Ken to the Lodge at 6pm to help present a cheque for £2,000 to the Brecon Search and Rescue to assist after their rescue dog found Ken when he was lost in the woods - it is short notice so not sure what will happen.

Susie is on her way back from Crete - well Aylesbury today - hoping to get here in time to be present for the presentation of the cheques to Cor Curiad Choir. though she is probably very tired after a week in Crete and looking after Scarlett... They are two hours ahead of us !!

So, need to see if the Bothy starts - get the bedding sorted. Get the stock together for Serenity. Get my costume together. Get my provincial gear ready for Saturday for the Secret Monitor Provincial Meeting (Provincial Organist again).  Check the float. Charge up the credit card machine.

Oh - and just remembered that I have a guest organist for the lodge this evening - but it looks as though he cannot stay for the festive board - so have decided to fall back upon the guitar / well the lute guitar to be exact as accompaniment - that should be different! Will have to hide the guitar int he Lodge so no-one knows until I get it out ... That will be fun !!

Walk the dog and visit the hospital..

hmm - better get on with it then I suppose - no time for prevarication...

Saw something on line today and though I would share :

The couple from the Woodstock album cover are still together, 46 years later!! — with November Moon MJ and Jose Luis Qedna Zambrano.

Well - that about does it - better just do the birthday cards on Facebook and then get on....
Really - I will!!

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