Sunday, 24 May 2015

24th May 2015 - 73,000 Hits on Youtube and climbing

Thought for the day :"I think my therapist is seeing other people."

Happened to pass a glance onto the Youtube pages today - and was pleased to see that the hit counter had jumped hugely in the last couple of days. this was partly becaue of the "Lars Trekking" song of course and partly because Youtube only catches up with its counters every so often. I cannot say it is every week - or every other day - they seem to have a mind of their own..
But today I saw a big jump in the hits  - to over 73,000

I know it is blowing my own trumpet but as they say - if you do not do it yourself then no one else is likely to .. and it is all about a degree of marketting. I of course posted the Barley Mow under the heading just in case some others may decide to watch ....

Mother finally got her brace fitted for her hip yesterday. I did not manage to get there to visit yesterday due to a meeting in Bridgend that ran on a bit but understand that she has been able to take a few paces and that though uncomfortable, is giving her the support that she needs.

Seems also that it has to stay on for about 3 months !! 

So, doing a little on facebook and compiling some statistics and pie charts for the future ...  should keep me going another month I think for the birthdays and thought for the day.

Managed to design a few facebook covers as well so have managed to procrastinate yet again...

Finally heard from the family out in Crete, seems Susie's mobile phone is charging nicely at nancy's house which is why I had not heard form her at all ...  We are not very good with phones in our family. Sounds as though they all picked up a throat infection of some sort - probably on the plane but seem to be enjoying themsleves anyway.

And so - have a few pies..


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