Wednesday, 13 May 2015

13th May 2015 - No more Mr Luddite

Thought for the day :" Oct 31 = Dec 25  (Mathematically) - for those in the know"

So, a full night's sleep in a real bed for the first time in a couple of weeks, without having to think about what I am loading / unloading,  stocking/unstocking, taking/ not taking.

Surrounded by the paperwork that goes with any business, but that has its own restful nature as well. A good Curiouis Pastimes event, and a small but successful Vale to start the year off properly. 5 events down and eight to go on the books at the moment. A few more trade stands to be sorted but that may not be me.

Meanwhile I move into the modern world. I checked my faithful mobile phone for the last two months and my standard £4.99 a month seems to have grown to over £28 a month. No time to check when on the road but when I got home last night it seemed that I was using my quota far too quickly now that I am on the road again. And for an extra two opounds I could get a new phone and a lot more time - certainly enought to cover my requirements.

And so I plumped for one of those (I said I would never do it) smart phones. I know nothing about these phones but this was suitably cheap and would do everything that I currently wanted and would solve some of the minor problems I get when away and wanting a quick google search ...

Surprised by the fact that I committed to buy it last night and it has arrived this morning. That is pretty good service.
So - charging the new machine - no idea how to use it ... best read the instructions...  Oh - they are on line - sign of the times I suppose. However,
Apparently I should not use the phone outside in a thunder storm !
Apparently I should not bite or suck the device - glad they warned me !
I should also not insert the device into the eyes ears or mouth. Doing so may cause suffocation or sever injury! 

Well I have read the quick start guide which basically tells me to put the battery in and plug it in and wait until the screen shows that the battery is full... 

More to follow ... 

So 99p for a wallet cover - may need to think about an unbreakable one - but will go for the looks first. Ebay for friday delivery ...  Looking at the old phone and wondering about what is on the phone and what is on the sim card...  All too complicated for a poor Luddite like me...

Ahh - it seems that I cannot use my standard sim card on a mini phone - so have had to order a new sim card which means another day to wait - and then I go into a mobile phone shop and they can transfer the details and contact lists from the old card to the new one.  Seems I will have to wait a day before using the new contraption.

So - pictures of the Vale are up - a selection here :

no phone for me until tomorrow or the next day ...   well the old brick is still working


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