Friday, 9 August 2013

August 9th 2013 - more review of Mythodea

As I am trawling through the various pieces of information now coming out of the Grand Conquest, I find that there are more wonderful reviews of the event. This time form Ivan, who is form Croatia. His wife and son were in the Grand Expedition Camp in the West, the English Speaking group run by my friend Rick Wynne, but he decided that he would once again play with the monster crew, in this case as one of the Black Ice - the Hive Mentality blue and black armoured soldiers...

the Undead - from the Official CoM CD 
Rather than transcribe - the link to his Blog is here and it makes good reading...

One of the shots I really like is from the Grand Expedition Camp. Ivan's son is listening avidly though cannot understand a word I am saying - I believe it was the "Ladies of the Harem of the Court of King Caractacus" which would not have helped much even if he was a linguist!!!

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