Friday, 16 August 2013

16th August 2013 - More of the same

Trawling through the pages past night - I found a great photo gallery site so thought I would share it here :
that way I know I can find it again in the future - Last year there were some lovely shots of Vollsanger - but sadly nothing this year ...  Taurus Iuavi Gellery 2013

Also added a new video - this time the Water Dancers - it was so hot - almost 40 degrees - over 100 degrees Fahrenheit ..

Meanwhile, back to the 60 - 40 weekend, it seems that the children enjoyed themselves to exhaustion. Thanks to Nancy for posting this gem from the journey home...

So, up at 9 this morning, cos the dogs are now getting to be like alarm clocks. Get to nine o'clock and they think we really should be up . Quick check of facebook and then I had better let the chickens out. Getting to be a right little farmer these days. Got to put some clothes on first though. Then finish emptying the Bothy and starting on the basement. Ho Hum.....

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