Saturday, 31 August 2013

31st August 2013 - And another Month drifts by....

Saturday. 1030am. Cup of tea drunk and onto the diet coke already. Reviewed the facebook messages and reviewed a blog from a few days back..   Cup of tea for Susie in bed and the "colonials" are not yet stirring.
A long day yesterday around Llanthony Priory and the beautiful drive over the Black Mountains from Llanthony to Hay on Wye. Pictures will follow (out of order as they are not yet processed), but for the moment it is a moment to review the month before the hectic schedule of September starts.

Of Bertha, and Buffy the Bothy...  Well this has proved to be a great success. Journey to Germany to proved the tent concept came out very well. Then the set up with Bertha as stand alone cooking and sitting tent, with the awning and the Bothy for the 60-40 party worked very well.

Of Boxes and Basements: This has been the biggest step forward. We found the Garden room and bar under the stairs, and painted and spruced up. Boxes still need tidying in the garage as the system fell apart a little in the closing stages of the clear up - but progress was definitely made. Gin and tonic in the bar has proved a wonderful evening closure on a few occasions.

Of celebrations and simple stuff. The 60-40 party was a great success - enough to plan for a 61-41 next year, and it seems that there are many who would like to come and share the quiet that is the Lower Henllan Farm and the fields of the Jude and Ant Fest. The house is cleared and suitable for visitors, with Chrissie and Paul staying with us, and as such, we can consider ourselves in a position to get the estate agent in at last.
Sadly our farm in Conwyl Elfed has gone - so we will have to look elsewhere, and the house opposite, allbeit that it was smaller than ours - only went for £155K which is disappointing. But we can celebrate another stage in the plan.

Of Plots and Plotments. The deaf centre ground opposite is coming under control, which is more than can be said for the sweet potato squash thingies that are suffocating the garage roof as they climb like trifids. The back garden is as lush as Eden and as full of fruit. Even have the two fully red-all-the-way-through apples that are on our special apple tree (gift from Gemma and Matt after their wedding). So Susie has proved the concept that anything can grow anywhere, including the peppers that finally had to be moved from the sewing room to the new greenhouse before they invaded the bathroom as well.

So as a review of the month- everything in the garden seems grand, in all senses of the word.

And as a finale to the month, I discovered that Cello and Guitar work very well together, when the cellist is Emma...   despite the crowd noise - here is the "Viinshar Song" recorded at renewal...

So now - back to photographs , and planning for September.....

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