Monday, 12 August 2013

12th August 2013 - Catching up on the Germany trip..

So, actually ion the 12th I was still in Llanthony - but as I am reviewing the couple of days that I was away ..
I have managed to post a couple of videos from Germany..

Naturally, we start with Windlillie, who sadly spent little time in my company this year, well actually, to be truthful, it would be about the same as last year, which was also very little, but she remains Vollsanger's first love in Mythodea.. and this was called the Evocation of the Dancer, with Loki on the single handed flute....

Sound quality is not very good as it was out in the field and there were many people talking around at the time.

The next video is still Cathain and still dancing - but this time with the full band ...

This one is called Locromon - one of my favourites from the band .....

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