Wednesday, 14 August 2013

August 14th 2013 - Back to normalcy -

We seem to have had the best of the weather at the weekend for the 60-40 Party. I am reliably informed that it rained on the Sunday Night, but I was quite oblivious to it - can't think why - must have been tired and relaxed after a great weekend. Also the sound of the stream, by which we were camped, sounded like rain most of the time. The sound of running water requiring a quick foray into the night sky for a comfort break - it wasn't raining then - I would have remembered !

But having taken yesterday off and deciding that it would not harm to leave the Bothy filled up for one day, it of course is tipping it down this morning.

An opportunity to look at some photos from the weekend, (though I haven't finished sorting those from Mythodea yet !!) and uploading a few of them. Also a chance to read a couple of additional blogs I have found of other persons experiences in Germany, and adding links, or transcribing them where in German, to my own blog here.

Still, the ground is fresh and there is the nice smell of wet ground after the sun.
Breakfast - I think a scrambled egg would be nice./ Don't mind if I do!!

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  1. Now, THAT title begs clarification!

    'Normalcy' is NOT a word I thought you'd have in your lexicon, good sire - given the life style you follow (he said, chuckling & chortling) - but then, what do I know?