Tuesday, 26 June 2012

26th June 2012 - Home again Home again Jiggedy Jig.....

Well it is just over three weeks since we left home - and as we came back over the Severn Bridge - we were welcomed with  good old Welsh "Mizzy" rain - - a Rhondda Grey outlook and a wet road.
Had a quick lurch just after Leigh Delamere on the M4 as the VOSA wagon pulled out immediately behind us from its observation point - just before the weigh bridge at Bath  - we probably would have been under - but I wasn't really wanting to test it !!!  So as Tom Paxton says - "there is occasionally value in obscurity" - and they drove straight on by...

So to recap - up this morning about 8am to walk the dogs - (Susie that is ) Delft was already in the front seat watching everything going on and was ready for some water. Rusty seemed a little less impressed.
Decided not to breakfast straight away but to head off to Tesco to find somewhere to recycle all the bottles from the weekend. Black bags of rubbish went into the skip behind the Little Chef - well the lady in the Travelodge suggested it !!!

Phone call to the garage to postpone the MOT of the car - which was going to be done today - suggested tomorrow instead and when we said that we were still in Oxford - she suggested a midday booking in so we could have a lie in !!
Phone call to Sam McGee who supplies ales and lagers etc - and who was delivering to the site at Silverstone for Profound Decisions, and he agreed to take two empty lager kegs with him - so that is a little less weight again. Only the local Kite Brewery to take back now !!!

Sunny and bright at the Tournament Stud site and the set up crew are getting on well - huge infrastructure going in !!   Say farewell to Bill and Sean and we start on our way - trailer tows well and no problems.

Take the Oxford Road and the 420 down to Swindon - where we find a Sainsbury's with a cafe and since they stop breakfasts at 11.30am and it was 11.29am - we had a big breakfast each and a cuppa.....
On again and the weather starts deteriorating the nearer we get to Wales.... Stop off in Tesco at Llanelli - seems pointless to go back out again for a bit of shopping.

A quarter to 4 and we are home and it is chucking it down!!  But it only takes a few minutes to unload the main items from the Van and the trailer will wait until tomorrow ...  Suzuki reverses the trailer in with no problems - getting the hang of it now!!

So House seems a little unlived in and damp - put the heating on for an hour to warm it up ... It is June for goodness sake !! but apparently the wettest June since eighteen sixty  something - I can believe it - though I was not around then - only feels that way !!!

Cup of tea !! Catching up the blog - may have a quick look at FB. Emails are pouring in even though I tried to clear them while away ....

Have to check on the photos as well later - see if any came out ....

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