Thursday, 14 June 2012

13th June 2012 - Macclesfield - Leek

Leisurely rise and walk the dogs around the closed Little Chef Restaurant at Adlington before heading off  to find Tesco for shopping and  a hearty breakfast. Well, shopping anyway - there is a massive Tesco at Macclesfield but for some reason a month ago they decided that they did not need to have a Tesco Cafe doing breakfasts and lunches and lovely stuff for small prices - but put the franchise out to Costa instead.
Well - it is only a personal view but over-priced coffee has never been a desire of mine, and they have no real food, and the pastries that they do serve are not Susie safe - as they need to be Wheat Free.

So we did the shopping - delight of having plastic bags available for free - (Wales enforced a charge of plastic bags of 5p by law last October - to reduce the use of re-usable bags - and in fairness it changed the lives of most people in wales overnight - everyone carries their re-usable bags nowadays..)

So off to Sainsbury's - not my favourite place - but they did a fine breakfast for £4.95 and we made it at 11.25am - they stopped breakfast at 11.30am...

On to Leek and the first tent is up
Then the heavens opened and the rain started..
about enough for one day we think.....

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