Sunday, 24 June 2012

24th June 2012 - Midsummer's Day

Well a good party and an excellent evening with old friends. Not the most lucrative event - but everyone did their best to get rid of our stock - particularly in the spirits field.
an evening of heavy rain brought most except the most hardened smokers into the tent where the fire was welcoming and all the candles were lit - there being no electricity at all at this event.

Rain continued all night and mud splattered and hungover people went on their way through the standing water - as bad as it had been on Friday - but all seemed to enjoy..
Once again we are drying everything out. I seem to remember events where we were not muddy, and damp.
The wind is up again - but we are sleeping in the van so not causing so much worries.

Now 4pm an most of the tavern is back in boxes and crates - probably won't do much more now this evening. Still trying to dry stuff out - but we are getting there.

Looking forward to a week off......

Susie walking the dogs around the main field.... I am taking a short break.

8.45pm...   been a pleasant evening with the sun shining through most of the day.. the ground beginning to dry out though still deceptively cool - currently wearing body warmer and fleece and still a little chilly...

Pleasant surprise about 4pm - Sean MacGuire (Skian Mor Trader) turns up closely followed by Bill Pennington of Odyssey and Maelstrom to set up for next weekend - so we will have company for the evening. They are currently doing the manic work that we are used to - while we sit back with a G & T and watch them - a very nice change!!

Have a nice chat with Bill regarding the types of bars used at LARP events and the way he is running his bar.
Now got the fire alight in the tent (can't call it a Tavern now as it is only a shell!!)  and getting ready for a quiet sit around the fire and an early night.

Decided that we would not want to drive home tomorrow after packing the trailer and van - so have booked a Travelodge up the road - so shower and bed tomorrow night and then drive back in a leisurely fashion Tuesday.

Beginning to warm up now...   so will check the Facebook and sign off....

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