Wednesday, 20 June 2012

20th June 2012 - Aylesbury ... Sunshine and Showers..

Actually only sunshine - the bliss will be to have the showers - in a real house !!
Woke up to blazing sunshine coming through the window - though it is amazing how used you get to staying out in the open air - as the house seems very hot ...    slept with the French windows open all night and that helped - but slept the sleep of the dead !!...
Breakfast with the Grand-daughters Freja and Erin on the patio and throwing balls for the dogs.
Walked the girls to school and met the teachers -
Plans for the day ?? Not many !!

See how it pans out .....
Quiet day really - popped off to get a little bit of shopping... and then had to rush off to Vitis Wines and pick up some Spiced Mead and also a selection of country wines for the party and beyond.

Took a little longer than expected to get back but ordered a Chinese meal which Stuart picked up on the way home and had a glass of wine and a Gin and Tonic with the family....
Started trying to transfer music to the iPod that Gary gave me as a gift for the Tavern... had to look up the help files on line and reformat the iPod but started getting the hang of transferring the music.
Late evening - or rather early morning to get to a stage where it seemed to be working. Will get the angry Bird out tomorrow to see if it worked.


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