Monday, 18 June 2012

15th june 2012 - first day of event..

now 4am - after the first day of event.
Started with a little trauma!!
Front of the main tent had all fallen down in the night
The whole front wall had collapsed.. either the pegs had been drawn out, or the guy ropes broken - part of the problem when it rains you have to slacken off the guy ropes!!.

The rest of the day was playing catchup on the things we should have done the day before
But by evening, Pippa and Tigger have arrived and are helping the final set ups  and by 5pm we are in a position to get off site and leave everything in their capable hands..

Rusty has a bad bite from a flea or similar ...  we need to get him to  vet to see to him .. So we get off site and I am able to pop down to Morrissons for a replacement gas, some dog food, and the pastas ....

The evening turns out to be very mild and the bar has.has been fairly busy...
so - another night in the Crimson Moon, good friends, a few songs, and another late night - or early morning..


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