Thursday, 5 October 2017

5th October 2017 - Of Music and Minutes

Thought for the day:"I read a book about how to make people like you - Cloning apparently!"

A day for catching up on a little paperwork. Installation yesterday so minutes and installation returns to be done, and a number of account packages to be sorted form various lodges and orders.

A good opportunity therefore to procrastinate and write in a blog.
Went to a house clearance in Ammanford yesterday where I was told there was some music that was rotting away, and asked if I was interested. I had a look and filled the car with music form the house - years and years of collected music books and photostat sheet music - sufficient to keep me looking for the next three months. There are some nice gems there as well including Busking for Special Occasions, 101 Country greats for Organ and the News Chronicle Song Book.

I can see myself learning a few more songs in the months to come.

On the other side - it was quite sad to see someone's collection of many years just left to molder. Apparently, Wyn F*ck as he was called apparently swore more than my mother's Uncle Enoch - the one with the Shire horses. He could not get more than two words out it seems without profanity.
But the last three years have apparently been in the nursing home where his language did not improve, but was at last persuaded to make a will. The House now goes to charity I understand, but there is an organ and some 00 gauge electric train that I may be able to rescue if I can find a van or trailer and someone to help lift.

But... I suppose I should get on with the minutes

So ... Cheers!

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