Sunday, 1 October 2017

1st October 2017 - Grey Day and a model T

Thought for the day:"Smoking will kill you... Bacon will kill you... But smoking bacon will cure it."

And so we start another month - and the question"Where is the year going?" creeps up on you again.
But a grey day with a mizzy rain and not much visibility. Can't see the Church form my mother's balcony. The doves seem to have flown for the moment - but the crows are enjoying the bird seed.

Another trip down to Barton-on-Sea to visit family. Hopefully, we finally have worked out a short term solution to the visiting problems for my father-in-law and Helping Hands have finally managed to get sufficient staff to fill the contract, and hopefully tomorrow will be the start of some paid care.

So, on the day that Karl Marx published "Das Kapital" and Louisa May Alcott published "Little Women" and the Model T Ford was launched in 1908

I lift a glass and wish you well

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