Wednesday, 31 May 2017

31st May 2017 - Bubbles and Insurance Sums

Thought for the day:""Boy George's reptile bites five people in one day" He needs a calmer chameleon."

A time for some bubbles ...

Last day before we change the car. All cleaned out and ready to be returned. Insurance sorted, though with a few interesting additions. It seems that because I am with Admiral with a dual vehicle policy - when I decided to take the house insurance with the same company, they extended the car insurance from September to January and issued new certificates. While I am changing the insurance, they tell me that it will cost £36.84 extra from the period September to January - which seemed reasonable - but what about now till September??  Oops - they couldn't find any policies !
Seems that they changed their software a few months ago, and all the new policies are on the new programmes - all the old ones or on other machines. And guess what - they cannot access each other. In fact there are different staff running each of the types of the same policies!

So, 27 minutes into the call, one young lady agrees to give me a call back and transfer me to a new staff member who can work out the cost for the current period. Grant answers, and so we have to go through the issues again - and of course the security and the warnings about being recorded!

All appears to be in order, so he calculates that it will cost an additional 48 pounds for June to September - and though I am disappointed at the increase - it does not seem excessive for a difference in value of £2,400 and £24,000. So he tells me that they can wave the admin fee of £19.50. Every little bit helps I thought - so he asks for a total of £23.46p for the entire period!!!

Now- I do not really understand how they do sums at Admiral - but this seemed very reasonable to me!! I let them have my card details straight away!!

Something political

So - gin and tonic methinks!

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