Thursday, 18 May 2017

18th May 2017 - Neges heddwch ac ewyllys da

Thought for the day:"People say I am a Plagiarist - their words not mine !"

and today - while I wait for SKY to sort out my phone line which has no dial tone yet allows my broadband to continue...  I share a message of peace..

Neges heddwch ac ewyllys da...

So, I picked this up during the year and decided to keep it for the day ...

Message of Peace and Goodwill (2016)
Prepared by
The Youth of
Wales to the Young People of the World

Choice & Conscience

We have no instructions as to how to build peace but this is what we believe are the foundations:

Peace is showing respect.
Peace is feeling safe.
Peace is unity.
Peace is...
You decide.

A hundred years ago in the First World War, men aged between 18 and 41 were forced to join the army.
“You have no choice!”

But to some, the voice of their conscience said that fighting was wrong.
So they created a choice for themselves.
This in itself was a battle, but they believed in peace and they chose peace.
It wasn’t an easy decision but it was a brave decision.

Today, we are called upon to be brave, to listen to our conscience.
As we build a wall, every brick counts, and in building peace, every choice counts.

...we choose to show respect.
...we choose to help others.
...we choose to take responsibility.
...we choose to accept others as they are.

Do you want to build together with us?
Created by pupils of Ysgol Uwchradd Maes Garmon, Mold

The Urdd’s Message of Peace and Goodwill gives the young people of Wales the opportunity to create and perform a message which is sent to young people around the world.
2016 Peace and Goodwill Message
This year the young people of Maes Garmon Secondary School, Mold created the message based on the theme of choice and conscience.
The message will be performed in Mold on Wednesday May 18th, and also on stage at the 2016 Urdd National Eisteddfod Sir y Fflint on Wednesday June 1st.
Download the message in various languages via the box on the right soon.
Since 1922 this message has been sent from the youth of Wales to the youth of the world and has motivated and inspired international philanthropy. In the fifties, Urdd Gobaith Cymru became responsible for broadcasting the message annually on the Day of Goodwill, 18 May - the date of the first peace conference in the Hague in 1899. Since then, groups of young people have taken on the work of writing, performing and translating the Message to send it to the young people of the world.

So I looked up this year and found a new message :

Peace and Goodwill Message 2017 from the Young People of Wales 
We invite young people across the world to join with us in our call for equality for young people 

We wish to receive equality:- 
In our education opportunities, 
in our freedom to live according to our sexuality, 
when dealing with our disabilities, 
in our life choices and opportunities, 
in our rights to use our own language, 
when tackling racism and in our freedom of religion. 

Without equality and recognition of our rights, others see us in a different light. 
We call for our voice to be heard, we wish that our voice is respected. 
We call for the right for all of us to express our opinions and for young people to have a vote, asking others to speak with us before speaking on our behalf. 

We do not have all the answers, we have our weaknesses, and we acknowledge them so that we can keep on learning. 
We need to receive the correct information. 
We need to be educated on social, political and international matters, and by encouragement not enforcement we are able to influence others. 
Together, we can raise standards within our communities for the generations of today and the future – ensuring that equality is at the heart of decisions for the future.

The history of the message

This year the Urdd's Message of Peace and Goodwill is 95 years old, and since 1922 the message has been an inspiration for the humanitarian and international work of the Urdd. The first message was sent by Reverend Gwilym Davies from Cwm Rhymni. He was a pacifist and was prominent in the establishing of the Welsh Union of the League of Nations and UNESCO. He believed in uniting the children of the world. Sir Ifan decided to support the campaign so that ignorance and prejudice could be abolished. The message was broadcast for the first time on the BBC World Service in 1924 and today it appears in many different languages on the internet and reaches all corners of the world. In the 1950's the Urdd was given the responsibility of announcing the Message of Peace and Goodwill on 18 May, which was the date of the first peace conference in the Hague in 1899.

Peace and Goodwill Message Service

The Urdd commissions a service to go with the Peace and Goodwill Message to be used by schools or Sunday schools.

Neges heddwch ac ewyllys da...

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