Tuesday, 30 May 2017

30th May 2017 - Sleep is for the weak

Thought for the day:"You may not hear from me for a while. Being investigated for stealing swimming pool inflatables .......so I gotta lilo"

So - the phone rang at 9.01 am - I suppose I should be glad that I have friends that will wait until after 9am to call - but most realise that 10am is the magic time. I will not answer a phone or phone back before 10. after all what is the point of having a retirement if you have to be making decisions before 10?

Sadly - it breaks the sleep pattern - though in today's case a bouncing collie puppy does that equally well. Especially when we have graciously agreed to have it in our bedroom as it was keeping everyone else awake... especially as I don't allow dogs on beds and it has a sneaky ninja quality and a stealth crawl... and the chickens were very noisy this morning ... and there is a guy up the road who is having his house render removed - with a very annoying drill.... so I guess I was destined not to have a good rest...

But I am up - and have had a cup of tea - so all is well with the world...

and since some companies have a sense of humour - here is one from Virgin Trains...

So I think I will leave you with this thought

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