Saturday, 17 December 2016

17th December 2016 - No Barriers to Safety

Thought for the day :"Guess who got their life together … Not me - but someone somewhere in the world probably did "

Most of the time Facebook puts loads of rubbish between the posts from friends and photos of kittens, but occasionally one of the news items that creep in catch my attention. This was one of them. It seems such a simple idea. Crash Barriers are designed to do that - stop a crash, prevent further damage etc, but in many cases a hit onto a crash barrier will tip the vehicle, somersault it, or cause severe damage to everyone involved. I agree it is probably better than having no barrier in many cases - but this little idea caught my eyes. A crash barrier made from wheels that can take the impact and spin to reduce the damage....
New Barriers - South Korea
Worth taking a little look at the way it works - via Youtube...

Road Safety Barriers : What a simple idea!

And  a musical thought - Cheers,

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